7 For All Mankind

I had the pleasure of working with the Beekman Social team to create a variety of Instagram campaigns for 7 For All Mankind.

During the early months of covid, many brands were relying on social media as their main connection to customers and audiences. While at Beekman Social, we were constantly pushing through the noise of Instagram to create beautiful and authentic organic content for 7. 

With everyone so chronically online, it felt essential to embrace tangible textures and themes, even if you’re still viewing it on a screen. I experimented a lot with 7’s social presence to deliver content that was high-design, but with a lo-fi vibe. The visual language ranged from clean lines to imperfect edges with ragged movement and organic textures.

Working with the team at Beekman Social, I was able to develop my hands-on animation skills to create simple and effective movement on screen that maintained alignment with the brand.

We created a lot of care-related content for 7, which was a wonderful opportunity to push tangibility even further with hand-drawn assets, creating everything from scratch. ︎