Geneva goes IRL

Our next campaign was about emphasizing Geneva’s support of location-based IRL groups on the app. After noticing an increased number location-specific groups being created, we pivoted as a company and embraced a new short-hand for our IRL efforts: online to offline.

The goal for this campaign was part exposure, part geo-targeted downloads. Our strategy was to target a handful of cities where there were already successful IRL groups on the app, and saturate those cities’ digital markets with our new messaging.

We organized another photoshoot for this campaign and experiment with a more etherial, aspirational version of our brand. The design direction and styling was inspired by soft textures, 90s inspirational posters, hyperfemme contemporary art, and the @subwayhands account on IG.

Digital Marketing
The content created was shot specifically to be used as stop-motion photography for ads on social media. The consistent storyline went from the perspective of a user going from online to offline. We created some variety in the specific paths the user takes in that journey so that we could experiment and test as we ran the campaign. ︎

Production Credits
AD: Lauren Daccache
Photographer: David Brandon Geeting
Producer: Ashley Tong
Assistants: Justin Sariñana, Zach Helper
Digi Tech: Bob Wagoner
Stylist: Malaika Crawford
Stylist Asst: Ava Van Osdol
Set: Selena Liu
Set Asst: Martha Abbott, Kay Thebez
Nail Artist: Mamie Onishi
Leon Xu, Cherry Kim, Ciara, Aran, Demi, Theolanda