David Huckfelt

——— We had the opportunity to help an old Knorth friend put together design assets for his upcoming debut album, Stranger Angels. David Huckfelt, a member of the Minneapolis-based band, The Pines, spent a summer living in the remote National Park, Isle Royale. It’s an island in Lake Superior, and it’s the least visited national park in the country because of it’s remote location. He spent his days there writing his album and diving into topics like religion, the declining natural environment, and native relations; all topics that hit home in the midwest.

——— We had the pleasure of laying out his vinyl packaging (above), CD packaging, as well as helping him set up a website, and merch items.

Photos Christopher Bartlett

——— Tee designs were based on the original horse artwork. The 3 colored ring a reference to the album cover and inside ring of the vinyl.

Photos Christopher Bartlett