Ruby Coffee Roasters

——— While at Knorth Studios, I worked closely with Ruby Coffee Roasters on new coffee packaging, merch designs, and assisted with signage for their cafe in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

——— We designed a new biodegradable package system for their coffee, incorporating hand-drawn designs and minimal text. The products were a brand new set of 12 oz bags for retail, 8 oz bags for subscription samples and temporary roasts, and 5 lb  bags for wholesale. We also helped design the packaging for an instant Ruby coffee by Sudden.

Photos Christopher Bartlett
Styling RT Vreize

——— The process included creating a color system for each coffee. We wanted to play on the “Colorful Coffees” slogan by using color as a simple way to differentiate between roasts. Ruby prides itself on working directly with farmers throughout the world. We highlighted each country of origin with a base color, and then created a custom color for each farm (or roast) to pair with the base color. 

——— I’ve also had the pleasure of working on many one-off merch designs for Ruby, including ceramic mugs, water bottles, to-go tumblers, crewneck sweatshirts, tees, totes + more.

Photos Christopher Bartlett
Styling RT Vrieze + Ann Kennedy