Spring ‘22

Introducing the world to Geneva: This is where your group chats.

The goal of Geneva’s first marketing campaign was to introduce the product to a larger audience as a more unified brand. We tapped into the pool of unique groups already using Geneva and highlighted their stories to tell ours: This is where your group chats.

Each of the highlighted groups was the subject of a photo and video shoot. We curated props and styling to play on their group’s niche, and placed them in a grass and sky set — a motif we would regularly use in Geneva branding. Geneva is the place, and your group is at home here.

The visual design concept was what we called a “digital collage”: creating depth by layering of screens, chat bubbles, emoji reactions, and other online motifs. It was important to introduce Geneva using online and offline references as these were the shifting goals of the company as a whole.

Out of Home was our main touchpoint for this campaign. Bringing the digital into the physical world was important to us — to communicate that Geneva was for your online and offline life. We created 6 billboards and a smattering of wheatepaste coverage all around NYC.

Digital Marketing
Our digital marketing primarily consisted of a variety of cuts from the hero video interviews and testimonials from the group photoshoot. We celebrated this brand moment organically, shared BTS footage, and tagged all the users involved for them to also celebrate the success of their groups out in the world. As a bonus, we organically shared a scavenger-hunt for followers to go and find the billboards around NYC to gain organic traction on social media. ︎

Production Credits AD: Lauren Daccache
Photographer: James Bee
Director: Katherine Goguen
Producer: Ashley Tong
DP: William Wu
Stylist: Sachiko Clyde
Stylist Asst: Cameron Broomfield
Set: Selena Liu
Set Asst: Aaron Bledsoe,
Martha Abbott, Tri Tran

Digi Tech: Jacob Skoglund
Lighting Tech: Javed James
Gaffer: Paul Lee
Sound: Dwight Pendleton
AC: Megan Collante
PA: Colin Favre
MUA: Mollie Gloss
MUA Asst: Yanni Peña, Shaena Baddour
Hair: Chika Nishiyama
Hair Asst: Alexandra DiRoma, Nami Harada, April Andreu