Because everyone loves a feelgood moment

The most common type of group on Geneva using the location features are wellness groups. These communities range from workout clubs, to mental health groups, to menstrual care support groups; but all of them are uniquely tight-knit. The Feelgood campaign was an opportunity to celebrate those groups and share their stories. It was also an opportunity to reflect our values as a company. : we believe that feeling good, safe, and heard are all important factors in a healthy community.

This was a video-first campaign with a full video shoot of each group, much like the spring campaign. The idea of the campaign started with one question: What makes you feel good? Concepts like intimacy, acceptance, and relatability drove decision-making for every aspect of the creative process. We utilized ASMR-inspired ambient audio and close-up visual textures to create intimacy. We played with framing to create “windows” into the groups, which allowed for more relatability. All of these ideas came together to support the tagline for the campaign: Find your feelgood.

Brand Design
Since all of the content was video-first, visual design played a more “small and mighty” role throughout the campaign. We focused on color and type to compliment the video content, weaving in Geneva brand mainstays like abstracted UI moments and pops of color.

We also found an opportunity to make some physical items in the midst of this digital-heavy campaign. We designed a campaign-specific shirt as well as a zine called the Feelgood Files, inspired by the are.na annual. The zine includes stories, advice, and activities from some wellness groups we love on Geneva, as a way to bridge the gap between the digital and IRL.

Digital Marketing
Paid digital marketing utilized boosted posts, traditional digital marketing, and organic partnerships to spark conversations around wellness communities and communicate that Geneva is the perfect place to find your group.

We prioritized organic and paid social for the Feelgood campaign. There was a larger emphasis on creator partnerships (organic and paid) across Instagram and TikTok than we had tried in the past, and it paid off. We shared “designed” content organically and in sync with the groups that were highlighted to get maximum organic reach. For paid, we created variations of the videos in smaller bites for Instagram and TikTok, as well as content partners sharing boosted content on their channels. ︎